13 Stories From the Dark Underbelly of the Internet

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The Internet is full of wonders.

Little did the men, women, and government workers who first established the network of networks that would evolve into the Internet we know today understand precisely what they were creating. If you tried imagining a world without the Internet tonight, chances are you wouldn’t be able to.

So much of what we do—from the smallest tasks at work, to shopping and entertainment, to scheduling, eating, exercising, and sleeping—relies on the Internet or on tools and apps that use it. It is omnipresent, and it has brought us so many good things, so much knowledge at the tip of our fingers.

Yet there’s another side to the coin.

Much like our own human consciousness, there is always a dark to balance out the light, no matter how hard he can try to hide and ignore it. Although unbeknownst to many, there are profiles, websites, video channels, and entire networks on the Internet as well as its encrypted “dark web” counterpart completely dedicated to the most horrifying and banal things known to humanity. Many people specifically seek out these sites for their own purposes. Then again, sometimes you just click a wrong link…

People were asked to share the creepiest things they’ve stumbled upon on the Internet or dark web, and their stories are truly frightening.

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These would give me nightmares...