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Emergency Operators Share the Dumbest Reasons People Called 911

Jan 4, 2017 at 6:13 pm |

911, what's your emergency?

Have you ever had to call 911?

Hopefully not. But with over 240 million calls made to the emergency service line each year, the hotline is readily available for anything you might need. And you shouldn’t hesitate to call, because the difference in taking action or not could save multiple lives.

That being said, the ability to call 911 should never be abused. Unfortunately, some people’s definition of what constitutes an emergency is a far cry from what the professionals would hope the hotline would be used for.

Operators were asked to share the most ridiculous reasons people called 911, and let’s just say things got pretty wacky.

911 hedges trespassing

Credit: milicad/Shutterstock

911, what’s your emergency?

Apparently these qualify as emergencies...
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