Fed Up With FedEx? Try This Ingenious Life Hack

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Wait a minute, Mr. Postman

Sometimes, we don’t even realize what we take for granted. In this case, I mean the mail.

Do you live in a house or an apartment? Maybe you live in a nice complex, or maybe you’re even in a high rise. If you have internet, you might even live in the middle of the woods. But one thing all these places have in common is that, for the most part, they need to get mail.

Though the system in our country has been growing outdated, the mail service is a uniform way of connection that allows us to receive all those good things like bills, junk mail, and bad magazines. Okay, okay, so it’s also how we get nice cards, fancy invitations, and unexpected letters, if your friends and family send those kinds of things. And in our modern day where everything material we desire is but a click away, a mailing address is necessary for delivery.

Unfortunately, not all residences are created equal, and this means that we might not always end up with the package or mail we need. Maybe you have to go through a post office, UPS store, or remote PO box for these kinds of things. Or maybe the FedEx guy knocks once before hurling your package over a fence (we’ve all read the horror stories) or worse—taking it miles and miles away to a facility where you have to go pick it up in person.

Feeling fed up with your FedEx man or woman? We have just the solution.

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Here's how to hack FedEx, UPS, and even the mailman.