Student Lets Thief Keep Stolen Phone For Amazing Film

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And you thought your Facebook stalking was in depth

A Dutch film student just put the issues of cyber security and voyeurism on full display in an incredible 20-minute short film, Find My Phone. Notable for more than just the ingenuity of it’s construction, the film also holds a mirror up to just how dangerous technology can be in the wrong hands, how much our phones say about us, and the dangers of investing too much in the things we learn from the internet.

Yeah, yeah, you’re like, “sounds really interesting, uh huh.” But seriously, it’s a wild ride that verges on a thriller as Anthony van der Meer uncovers the identity of the thief.

Find My iPhone Short Film Screencap Title Card

Credit: Anthony van der Meer via Youtube @Anthony van der Meer

Anthony van der Meer's student film is amazing!