The Best Hollywood Sign Pranks of History

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Few icons are more associated with Los Angeles than the Hollywood sign, the 45-foot-tall white letters adorning the Hollywood Hills.

And while most everybody recognizes the sign, how much do they really know about it?

Though it seems like the type of landmark that’s been there for just about forever, the Hollywood sign was first built in 1923 and only intended to last for 18 months.

Over the past 93 years, the sign has gained international fame as a Californian and American icon, but it’s also gained notoriety as a site for vandalism and even death. On January 1, 2017, national news covered that the sign had been changed to read out “HOLLYWeeD,” but this prank is just the tip of the iceberg.

hollywoodland sign 1920s

Source: Wikimedia Commons

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