The Heartbreaking Shame of Being Fat on a Plane

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Don't let travel weigh you down

Everybody is self-conscious.

Whether underweight, overweight, or perfectly healthy, almost everybody you know has some trait or feature that they want to get rid of, try and hide, or have otherwise learned to deal with.

Of course, when this feature is physical, it may become much harder to keep hidden. And in our body-centric, health-obsessed society today, few body issues are more criticized than obesity. Even those of us who learn to accept our size and shape know that sometimes our own self-love isn’t enough; often it is others who make us more self-conscious than we need to be.

Perhaps no physical trait is more criticized than obesity, or not fitting into society’s desired body type in general. And few places make us feel worse about our size than those that are cramped and crowded, namely: airplanes.

For one overweight woman, flying became so anxiety-inducing that she almost gave up an opportunity to study abroad. But after overcoming her fears and settling down in the UK, she started a movement where bigger travelers could come together to discuss their experiences.

fat woman plane cartoon

Source: YouTube/ Stacy Bias

Here's what it's like to fly while fat